A Greater Mission

The greater visibility of our new location
at 450 E HWY 287 places us right off the frontage road of one of the most important highways in our region. This will make our church visible to everyone in the larger Waxahachie community and to all of Ellis County.


The old realtor’s saying about what matters most—location, location, location—is true when it comes to any piece of property. Our new campus will give us a location near hundreds of new homes that are being built, new businesses, and new and existing schools (including elementary and junior high). Also we will be in front of the Waxahachie Sports Complex where thousands gather each week for sporting events.

This location and visibility will enhance our ability to do evangelism and carry out the Great Commission Mission, as well as give us increased accessibility. It will literally help us accomplish the very mission that Jesus gave to the church in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

A Sweeter Fellowship

We will able to do fellowship better in our new facilities because of the design of large open spaces. We will be able to have activities for all ages. The gym and kitchen areas can be used on Sunday morning but also during the week for banquets, student activities, basketball and other sports, other weekday and evening activities, and perhaps mid-day fellowships and/or meals. The possibilities are endless and greatly enhanced. We currently do not have a space as large as what we will have for large gatherings of our entire church family.

I really look forward to Sunday being a time where all of First Baptist is together—and our open hallways, foyer, and cafe will create opportunities for better fellowship.

But I am also thinking about those whom Jesus calls the “least among us” (Matt. 25). Not only will the new location help us reach new people, the new facilities will be better for those with physical handicaps. One of the greatest drawbacks of our current ministry potential is the age and design of our current facilities. For example, the new facility will be fully ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. This means all of our folks will be able to access all areas of our building—no more stairs to climb, elevators to break down, or bathrooms that are too far away or not handicap accessible.

A Deeper Discipleship

Our large open fellowship spaces will create lots of opportunity for our people to gather and see each other on Sunday morning which is great for fellowship, but our newly designed educational space for adults and kids will create an ideal environment for learning and growing in faith. Sunday school in our new building will be better than ever before.

We will also have a special lecture hall where seminary classes and large Bible studies will take place to help people grow in their faith.

A Wonderful Worship

Worship on Sunday morning will also be enhanced by our new facilities, especially in terms of improved lighting and sound (every week people tell me they have a hard time hearing),
a larger choir space and worship platform, new comfortable seating that is arranged to be ADA compliant, and so much more.

One of the truly great things about our new worship facility is that it will allow our two different services with their different styles of music to be able to meet in the same room. We will also be able to do the Lord Supper and baptisms in the same area

A Magnificent Ministry


We will be able to do ministry better. There is so much more we will be able to do with our new facilities. I look forward to pick-up basketball games with the kids or students during the week after school who come by and spend their time at the church (rather than other places).

I look forward to so many things: our kids and grandkids coming to a safe, clean environment—from babies through high school—gathering and growing in their faith. I look forward to our church extending its presence into the growing community around us—with new homes and new people moving next door; I look forward to our connection to the Sport Complex and thousands who come there each week to have fun—my prayer is they will also discover faith at First Baptist Church.

How Can You Be Involved?

As workers skillfully construct our new church building at HWY 287— that will not only be a more suitable place to worship & fellowship
but also a more visible location to reach people for Christ—we all
know that this exciting project comes at a signi cant nancial cost. A minimum of $1.1 million is needed to cover our expenses for 2018. That’s why our church is launching a new 2018 nancial campaign called The Extra Mile. It was Jesus who taught in Matthew 5:41 that if you are compelled to go one mile, then you should go the “second mile” too. The idea of the extra mile has been called the “crown of the moral life.” It is one of the most important teachings of Jesus, and it is one of the most important characteristics of a true Christian—a willingness to go above and beyond in our following of Christ.

Would you begin now to pray about your support of The Extra Mile?